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Tops of 2023: Your favorite “Talk About It Tuesday” episodes

Closing out the third year of our “Talk about It Tuesday” (TAIT) LinkedIn livestream, we’re thrilled to be able to bring you tips, advice, and information on VA career opportunities.

Since we wouldn’t be able to bring this program to life without you, our audience, we’re sharing some of the episodes from 2023 that really resonated with viewers.

All the advice

No matter your field of interest or your area of expertise, we truly do believe there’s a place for you here at VA, and we want to see you succeed in your journey to a job on our team.

But we know the federal application process can be a challenge, so we devoted a whole episode to just exploring the hiring process and how you can better prepare yourself for the work you’ll need to do to fill out an application.

We also offered some resume tips to help you put your best foot forward when you submit your application, and even shared some thoughts about what you can do if your application is not selected for the job you were hoping for.

Great guests

We welcomed numerous guests onto TAIT this year as a way to hear not only from people who have found employment at VA but those who have gone through experiences that we think would be valuable to our viewers.

Nurses are the backbone of the work we do at VA, so we were happy to welcome VA nurse recruiter Eden Picketts to the broadcast. With her many years of experience both as a nurse and as a recruiter, she was able to provide valuable advice to the nurses who are looking to start a VA career.

Discussing the role of physician provider recruiters (PPR) at VA, PPR Heather Y. Hall shared her positive attitude with our audience and the critical role PPRs play in securing the best and brightest talent to serve the Veterans who rely on us for their care.

A career at VA offers rewarding benefits, including a number of education support opportunities. Specialty Education Loan Repayment Program (SELRP) manager Rodney Back dropped by for an episode focused on how you can work at VA and see your student loans fade away.

As you already know, there are many facets to VA, and a lot of specialties that support our mission of caring for Veterans. LaToya Prieur of the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) joined us to discuss the careers available under VBA’s banner, and how those jobs are integral to the work we do.

And while we’re happy to welcome our guests from wherever they do their work, recreational therapist Matt Luitjohan offered the most scenic backdrop of the year. He appeared from the ski slopes in Snowmass, Colorado, as he supported our Veterans during the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic.

You asked, we answered

While we often try to take a few questions during our live broadcasts, we know that there are many more out there that need answered, so we dedicate the second Tuesday of every month to inquiries presented by viewers like you.

With the help of guest hosts Kendra Wilson-Hudson and Tim Blakney, we covered a lot of ground in 2023. You had so many great questions, we were able to dig deep into everything from exploring the General Schedule to how much experience you need to work at an agency like VA.

There’s one piece of evergreen advice that our team offered more than once throughout the year, though.

“Continue to apply,” Wilson-Hudson summarized in one episode. “Just continue to apply! Just because it didn’t work that particular time, doesn’t mean something won’t shake loose for you in the future. So go ahead, apply again, and hopefully you’ll be able land that job.”

Audience participation

While plenty of folks would be content to share with you their top 10 broadcasts of the year, we went a little bit farther, because this extra broadcast was not just important to us, but to you!

We know our audience comes from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, so earlier this year, we asked you what kinds of jobs you wanted to learn more about. You told us that administrative careers were high on your list, so we dove into those jobs with you and encouraged you to apply.

Work at VA

We want everyone in our TAIT community to know we appreciate your viewership, your readership, and your interest. We do this for you, and we hope you’ll continue to join us in the new year and beyond.

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