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VA’s primary care positives: what you need to know

There’s a lot to be said about everything VA has to offer primary care practitioners. Our physicians, physician assistants (PAs), and nurse practitioners (NPs) work to deliver high-quality care to Veterans nationwide, and in turn, earn rewards unlike those available in any other health care system.

But why not hear it from the experts themselves? We reached out to some of our very own physicians, physician provider recruiters (PPRs), and even our national health care recruitment consultants to find out what makes working at VA an unparalleled experience for primary care practitioners.

Here’s what they want you to know about making the switch to a VA career. 

The PPR perspective

“The most important thing for an applicant to know about primary care at VA is you will never have to consider that your patient will not be able to afford their medications or medical devices needed to follow your care plan.” – Bryan Gregory, Reno, Nevada

“Working in primary care at VA is a very rewarding career, as we have the privilege of caring for Veterans! Primary care is perfect for those seeking a Monday through Friday schedule (no on-call, nights, or weekends) with a guaranteed salary, amazing federal health care and retirement benefits, and unmatched work-life balance.” – Andrea Higgins, Columbia, Missouri

“VA offers the opportunity to be part of an all-encompassing team of professionals with a singular goal, which is to provide unparalleled medical service to those who have served our nation. In doing so, our physicians are able to have a work-life balance unlike any in the civilian sector. At VA, you’ll know what it’s like to have your family count on you being there for games, anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions.” – Brad Cargill, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Clarity from health care recruitment consultants

“You will have a great work-life balance. You’ll work Monday through Friday, no on-call, no weekends, and on average you will see 12-14 patients per day, giving you plenty of time to build a great doctor-patient relationship.” – Jason Tafoya

“Working in primary care for the VA means you’ll be treating our nation’s heroes. You’ll be caring for those who have served our nation in wartime and peacetime. What greater satisfaction can you get from practicing medicine?” – Samuel Wright

“Primary care improves health outcomes, and saves lives, by identifying and preventing minor health issues and concerns from becoming larger, life-threatening problems. Primary care addresses ‘whole person health,’ prevention, and staying healthy. VA offers comprehensive patient-centered health care where the patient, family, and caregivers are part of the Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT), delivering a positive and proactive approach to healthy living.” – David Z. Aragon

Doctor’s orders

“VA offers an excellent opportunity to show our reverence for our national heroes while we offer our care, expertise, and talents in several different ways. Working for VA is a way to be a part of a dynamic team that has dedicated professionals, who collectively strive to make a difference while we excel and grow in our professional capacities. It is more than rewarding in many ways.” – Hussain Haideri, M.D., acting associate chief of staff, primary care, VA Northern California Health Care System

“Where else can you practice meaningful, team-based and comprehensive primary care in a manner that serves a higher purpose while also maintaining your individual life-work balance?” – Dr. Dhruv Gadhia, deputy associate chief of staff, Ambulatory and Emergency Care Clinical Center (AECCC), VA Maryland Health Care System

“Ever feel the weight of being responsible for seeing more and more patients, just to pay for continually increasing overhead costs? Have you wished that you could focus on the reason you became a doctor in the first place and spend more time with your patients?  At VA, you can practice medicine in partnership with more ancillary staff than you can dream of. You can also order the tests your patients need without having to convince an insurance company—or worrying about whether they can afford it. What are you waiting for? Your new work family and unrivaled employee benefits are waiting for you!” – Holly Martz, M.D., chief of primary care, VA Martinsburg Health Care System

Work at VA

As Dr. Martz said so succinctly, “What are you waiting for?” It’s time to see what coming to VA can do for your primary care career.

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