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Tops of 2023: Our best career advice blogs of the year

We want to help you on your journey to a job at VA, so we share the best career advice and job opportunities every chance we get.

So, as we celebrate the holidays and look forward to the start of a new year, we wanted to highlight some of your favorite posts from the past year and remind everyone what VA has to offer.

Exciting career opportunities

Since our mission is to provide health care to the Veterans who so ably served our nation, we always need primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to work at VA. There’s a place for you on our team, so we absolutely encourage you to “Take pride in your primary care career and work at VA.”

However, there are also a number of important support services that keep our facilities running. As champions of clean and safe surroundings, our “Environmental service technicians pave the way to a clean VA,” but if paperwork is your preference, “Sign on the dotted line as a VA contract specialist” and get started on a rewarding career.

Many people who come to work at VA find our mission compelling, but none more so than Veterans just like those we care for. Whether you want to “Share your courage and provide security with VA police” or “Discover the power of your story as a peer specialist at VA,” your military experience and training gives you unique insight into the Veterans we support.

Pathways to a new career

Everyone’s path to a job at VA is unique, and we showcased a few of those options in 2023.

Getting into VA without federal experience may seem daunting, but there are thousands of jobs that are open to the public; jobs that run the gamut from clinical experts to support positions that keep our facilities running, so take a look at “No experience necessary: 13 incredible VA jobs open to the public.”

Speaking of support positions, you can  “Find your best fit with our Technical Career Field (TCF) programs” and explore unique paths to meaningful careers at VA. TCF trainee programs offer 2-year training in specialized VA careers.

This past year, one of the more unique TCF opportunities was found in “Female Veterans: Apply now for management trainee program.” However, these programs can change each year, so keep your eyes peeled for more information.

Benefits of a VA career

Knowing that we have your best interests at heart when to comes to benefits is a big factor in making the switch to VA. As such, we thought it was important to “Let VA’s education support opportunities change your future” and showcased some of the many scholarship and student loan repayment programs available to VA employees.

With the firmer financial footing we can offer through those programs, you’ll be able to “Get retirement-ready with a job at VA” and learn how our Federal Employees Retirement System will allow you to retire with confidence.

Advice for applying to a new career

This past year saw a lot of change and growth throughout our organization, so we really encouraged our applicants to “Take advantage of our improved hiring processes at VA” and find a career option that was right for them.

However, we know that offering a little assistance through the hiring process can help smooth your transition to our team, so we suggested you “Implement these 3 ‘P’rocedures for VA application excellence” because we know that preparation, patience, and persistence will lead you to the job you’re looking for at VA.

Getting a little more in depth, we sought to answer the question “Where do you fit in the General Schedule (GS)?” and demystify one of the more confusing parts of applying to the federal government, a popular topic among our readers (and our “Talk About It Tuesday” viewers).

Work at VA

This is just a sample of our most popular content this past year, so dive in and find out more. Learn for yourself why a VA career is the right choice for you.

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